Ronnie Blog 1: We're Blessed

Last night was amazing. Sex is getting better the older I get. When I was younger guys worried about quantity and bragging to your boys. I'm no saint but my crew we never talked about each other's sex lives. Bruh my squad are all wolves we never want to talk about each other's penis' that's corny to us we talk about music, sports and we quote classic movies to us. 

The next morning was cool. Took a nice poop, hit tha joint clip from last night. I'm hitting the Joint talking to the joint. Well more like thanking him. " my dude thanx. You got her ready last night". 

Took a hot shower headed to the airport that's an hr. From my crib w/o traffic. With traffic leave a day early. It's cool. I can do all things through Siri that strengthens me. That iPhone 📱 is necessary. I was raised to not discriminate based upon race. But if you have a droid my dude. I become really snobbish. I'm like how do you listen to "Drink Champs"? You gotta Relaxx. On YouTube? ewww!!  Anyway this morning Drink Champs had a child hood hero of my mine Bun B. Fast forward. I get to the airport and I can't find a spot in my usual area. I have an airport ritual that consists of park here, walk in this door. Etc.  So I'm running late... I always take a sec before this get hectic to sayto myself "hey guy do your best." Oh yeah good weed motivates me. I make it to the gate. Didn't have to check a bag cause it's one day. If you're a man and can't pack for one day with a backpack 🎒 you're a diva. Lol. I fly southwest almost exclusively because if your a big guy you can ask for a empty seat next to you at the gate for free. They give you pre-boarding passes and all.  it's the Ghetto Fabulous first class treatment. Ppl judge me with their faces. Blah. Oh yeah I forgot mention my "Gives No Fucks meter is set to high since 3rd grade" I just walk right by excuse me wheelchair person. I'm pre-boarding move your kids please thank you. I didn't say I was rude. Im nice just don't care what you think of me. I ain't gone hold you fam. Fat life hacks is my thing. I call them Facks. Skinny ppl I got you too. Fake a sprained ankle and they will wheelchair you right past that long ass TSA line. Side note I saw a beautiful shea butter queen rub a thick Redbone from head to toe. Thank you atlanta airport. 

I get to the security gate the lady printed my return (wrong)ticket info. I had to run ...ok briskly walked back to get a boarding pass. Make it to the wrong gate just in time to find out it was.  I get to my actual plane they are full. It's cool. I'm still baked. At this point I'm like fuq that empty seat I gotta get to Dallas. This my #KampusRoyaltyTour. They find a seat volunteer for a free ticket. I not only get my seat but I get the extra seat as well. See how my God works is when I'm walking in my purpose nobody can stop it. You getting mad cause this fat guy is holding up the flight. Jesus said "peace be still". I have his same authority to call those things that be not as though they were. Yeah. I smoke weed & I grew up in church. I'm here now it's too late. Also I never blew up on any agent. I was polite and gracious at every point in my day. Or at least when I'm blazed. Lol #Blessed